IMS was delighted to contribute to the success of the APAC Fraud Virtual Summit this week.  Our CEO Daren Jay delivered a presentation on investigative interviewing strategies at the summit and facilitated a ½ day post-conference workshop to investigation managers, team leaders and fraud investigators from across the APAC region.

During the summit presentation, Daren demonstrated how investigative interviews can be planned using a logical reasoning methodology to increase the chances of exposing deception at interviews with investigation subjects or other interviewees who may be inclined to deceive or mislead.

The presentation introduced delegates to the ‘conversation management’ framework and highlighted the importance of applying critical thinking at the interview planning stage to ensure interview plans are strategically fit-for-purpose and tactically sound.  The concepts of rapport building and procedural fairness were examined as fundamental concepts that should permeate interactions with interviewees before, during, and after an investigative interview.

The post-conference workshop took delegates through a series of presentations on the investigative mindset and investigative decision-making, following which the principles of conversation management were re-visited.  Finally, delegates took part in an interactive interview planning exercise using an intellectual property fraud scenario to strategically plan for an investigative interview with an investigation subject.

Both the presentation and workshop were delivered ‘live’, with the IMS proprietary TILES System interview management software used in eLearning mode to facilitate the workshop’s interactive planning exercise. The following video excerpts provide an idea of the technologically advanced training that IMS is now delivering for client agencies around the globe:


The online sessions delivered by IMS can be an excellent way of getting your remote staff ‘together’ for an investigation and investigative interviewing-themed training session. To learn more about our online workshops and programs, please check out our training page for more information.