IMS is delighted to announce that its strategic partnership with the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) is now entering its 7th year.

The iIIRG is a global network of professionals working within the field of investigative interviewing and aims to promote and enhance professional interviewing practice with regards to victims, witnesses, suspects, and human intelligence sources.

The iIIRG membership comprises over 200 members across 32 countries around the world. With a near-even mix of practitioner and academic professionals, the iIIRG serves as an outstanding ‘research to practice’ conduit, essential if research outputs are to impact professional practice. The next iIIRG annual conference and masterclass is already set for 20th June 2022 Winchester (UK), with an interim ‘iIIRG-Virtual 2021’ taking place online week commencing 6th September 2021.

The team at IMS is delighted to be maintaining its strategic partnership with the iIIRG.  IMS CEO Daren Jay said, “The iIIRG continues to evolve as the world-leading organization for investigative interview research and practice. The global network is responsible for developing and sharing significant research outputs impacting a number of investigative interviewing areas including law enforcement, human rights and compliance. Our continued partnership with the iIIRG ensures that IMS stays at the forefront of research and practice developments and leaves us better placed to serve our clients around the world.”

To check out the iIIRG’s recently relaunched website and find out how your agency could benefit from an organizational membership with the iIIRG, please visit the iIIRG website.