Investigative Interviewing Training

Upskill the investigative interviewing performance of your staff with our interview training

Online Training

Whether you’re an individual or member of a team, the online IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Course can be undertaken online at any time, on any device and most importantly, at your own pace. The course has been designed for investigators, HR professionals and auditors of all levels of experience. The course features use of the IMS ‘reverse-engineering’ methodology to give students an advanced level of clarity around the purpose, structure and strategy of all investigative interviews, particularly interviews with investigation subjects.

“This course taught me so much about what it means to be a successful interviewer.”

Danielle Bousquet

Masters Student, United Kingdom

“I found that by seeing how the method was applied with an actual example I better understood how to break down and structure the interview and get the most out of the evidence.”

Giselle Desouza


“The presentation was clear and well-paced. The TILES system is very logical and will streamline the actual interview process. I look forward to integrating this learning into my day to day workflow.”
A. Schintu

Investigator, Japan

“The strategic use of evidence discussed in Module 11 (Conversation Management) was illuminating. I understand how this is crucial to maximising evidential outcomes and protecting the strength of the evidence.”

Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Australian Government

Face to Face Training

Designed for agencies seeking to upskill the investigative interviewing performance of investigation teams, IMS short-course programs can be tailored to 2, 3, 4 or 5-day packages, depending on client needs. IMS has a wealth of experience in the design and delivery of short-course programs to law enforcement, charities and a wide range of banking and public sector agencies. Course content can be extended beyond investigative interviewing theory to include the key areas of procedural fairness, the investigative mindset and investigative decision-making to deliver a rounded and comprehensive training experience for your team.

“The Professional Investigators interviewing course was groundbreaking for me”

Mark Barraclough

ER Investigation Lead , AstraZeneca (UK)

Hybrid Training

Featuring industry-leading pre-course theory delivered online ahead of shortened 2 or 3-day training programs, the IMS hybrid course programs are designed to deliver high quality training experiences whilst simultaneously reducing traditional training times and associated costs. IMS makes cutting-edge use of its TILES System® interview management solution to enhance training outcomes both online and in the classroom.

“Training in the investigative mindset and its applicability to investigative interviewing was outstanding.”

Oksana Bronevytska PhD

Associate Professor, Law Faculty, Lviv State University, Ukraine.

Investigation Subject Interviewing Workshop

The IMS Investigation Subject Interviewing Workshop can be delivered through a 2-3 hour interactive web conferencing session, or via a 1-day face to face workshop.  The online sessions are an excellent way of getting your remote staff ‘together’ for an investigation and investigative interviewing-themed training session. Take in a couple of theory presentations incorporating contemporary research bulletins to update knowledge and understanding. With the theory covered, pairs will break out and use our proprietary software to strategically plan against the clock for an investigation subject interview scenario, which has been tailored to your investigative context. Finally, the group session will reconvene to share and celebrate best-practice outcomes.

Invest. Team Build.  Develop.

“I felt that the course promotes confidence which can only result in more effective interviews and better results. I would recommend this course to anyone who conducts interviews.”
Karl Howard

Investigator, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, South Australia

University Accredited Program of Study

The IMS Professional Investigators Investigative Interviewing Program of Study has been recognised by Charles Sturt University (CSU) as eight (8) points of academic elective subject credit into the Master of Investigations program offered by the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security.

The IMS program of study is delivered across a 12-week period and includes an asynchronous online component, workbook completion, webinar series, online practical assessments and a post-program reading and theory assignment.

Agency leads interested in making this academic pathway available to their staff are encouraged to reach out for more details.


Do you issue course certificates?

We do. Course certificates purely for the online training component are issued digitally upon course completion and these can be shared to LinkedIn or other networking profiles. Students attending our face to face courses can be awarded ‘physical’ course completion certificates. Pricing will be subject to attendee numbers. Please let us know if course certificates will be required.

Can Continuing Professional Development credit be claimed for IMS courses?
Yes. Professional development is an important catalyst for interest in our training and assessment services. Training transcripts can be produced setting out theory and practical training content and hours of study. Please reach out to discuss specific requirements.
Which training venues are used by IMS?
We tend to use client venues as required, however, HR, audit and investigation teams often prefer to take the training off-site at neutral venues. Getting out of the office can be a great way to focus on the training at hand! Our 1-day workshops tend to be delivered off-site and seem to add to the ‘team-building’ experience.
Is it possible just to complete the online training course as an individual?

Absolutely! We support many self-learners and are able to offer 1 to 1 support along the way. If you are managing or supervising a small team, however, and looking to up-skill your team’s investigative interviewing performance, please let us know as we can usually offer a discount on multiple online course licenses.

How do the ‘hybrid’ programs work?
At IMS we’ve worked out that agencies do not have the capacity to put delegates in the classroom for 5-day periods. Your operational context says that’s not an option, nor is it cost-effective in this day and age. IMS delivers online pre-course theory through use of its cutting-edge TILES System® eLearning content. Typically, a hybrid program will involve students completing a 5 ½ hour online study course up to 2-weeks prior to either a shortened 2 or 3-day training program. In breaking up the theory front-loading from the practical exercises featuring tailored role-play scenarios, feedback consistently shows that delegates learn and retain more and develop greater confidence in applying the newly acquired investigative interviewing skills.
What’s the maximum number of students on your face to face courses?
For our face to face trainings, maximum student numbers will always be capped at 18. For our 1-day team building workshops, a maximum of 24 students is recommended.
Who delivers the training?
At IMS we don’t outsource training to local presenters. We guarantee that your training will be delivered by expert trainers with strong academic and practitioner backgrounds. At IMS we deliver the most technologically-advanced training available, ensuring that your staff develop the necessary investigative interviewing skills required to operate in our digital world.
What investigative context do you use for your training?
We use your investigative context. Whether your current focus is on sexual harassment, employee misconduct or fraud and/or corruption, we will work with you to design tailored course programs which are going to speak directly to the investigative challenges your investigation team is facing.
How do your Assessment Services work?

The biggest risk post-training is the concept of skill-fade where newly acquired skills are lost before they have the chance to find their way into professional practice. At IMS we use tailored scenarios and a fully online booking, interview (Zoom/Teams/Skype) conference which is recorded and feedbacked straight to the delegate. Conduct your interview 2 – 6 weeks after your training, then review your written feedback and watch and listen to your interview recording, so that good practice and opportunities to develop can be highlighted to you. The online assessment process means that reporter, witness and investigation ‘subject’ interviews can be completed fully online, at your own pace, on any device and at anytime.

How do I find out more?

Reach out! Drop us a line via our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch.

Upskill the investigative interviewing performance of your staff

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