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At IMS our mission is to advance investigative interviewing, both in terms of training and operational practice.  Investigations are becoming increasingly complex and in a digital world where technology has already delivered improvements across policing, it’s now clear that paper-based methods used to plan, conduct and evaluate investigative interviews are no longer fit for purpose.

The TILES System® was born in the classroom. As an eLearning tool, the solution has re-written the way investigative interviewing can be trained. Students are now able to learn collaboratively and develop a clear and simplified understanding of complex interviewing strategies using cutting-edge eLearning multimedia.

Operationally, the efficiencies delivered by the TILES System® will raise professional interviewing standards, drive savings, and enhance the supervision and management of the interviewing workflow. For the first time, Interviewing teams, Interview Advisors and Senior Investigating Officers have a standardised digital framework within which to operate.

The IMS client list is growing year on year as more forward-thinking agencies come onboard seeking to enhance the performance of their staff through cutting-edge investigative interviewing training and achieve operational efficiencies in digitising their investigative interviewing workflows.

Interview Management Solutions

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Our Team

Our training teams are led by experienced investigators who each hold continuing academic appointments with leading Universities.

Management of the bespoke design and delivery of your agency’s training program will be undertaken by:

Interview Management Solutions

Daren Jay

Chief Executive

With a 30 year career behind him in law enforcement and government investigations, Daren Jay has served as a Senior Fraud and Corruption Investigator with the New South Wales (NSW) Government for 9 years. He has also held the appointment of Lecturer in Policing with Charles Sturt University (CSU), Australia for over 10 years.

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Daren is CSU’s lead Investigative Interviewing trainer and during his tenure he has designed, delivered and evaluated Investigative Interviewing training courses delivered to a range of state and federal government agencies in Australia including the Australian Tax Office, Fair Work Ombudsman, SafeWork South Australia and the Department of Community Services. In the current training year, under Daren’s leadership IMS has delivered online and face-to-face investigative interviewing courses at a number of international institutions including the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg), the World Bank Group (Washington, D.C.) and several anti-corruption agencies within the European Union (EU). Daren is also regularly engaged as a forensic interviewing expert at international conferences and training programs. In recent months, Daren has been engaged as a consultant trainer to deliver investigative interviewing training sessions to medico-legal experts from the Australian Federal Professional Services Review (PSR) authority.

Daren qualified as a UK Home Office Investigative Interview Trainer in 1996 and has been heavily involved in interviewing witnesses, victims and subjects in connection with a wide range of fraud and corruption in a number of jurisdictions. Working in his current role as a Senior Investigator in an administrative context, he is adept at working to the ‘balance of probabilities’ standard of proof and understands how to exploit every strategic and tactical opportunity to secure enhanced outcomes from interviews with witnesses, reporters and investigation subjects.

Daren designed and developed the TILES System® – the world’s first Investigative Interviewing software solution which casts a digital footprint across an agency’s investigative interviewing workflow. The TILES System® is currently patent-pending in 52 countries around the world and is being used as an investigative interviewing management tool on every continent.

Interview Management Solutions

Gary Pankhurst

Chief Operating Officer

An investigative interviewing expert with over 30 year’s policing experience, Gary Pankhurst is also an accredited counter fraud specialist who has conducted and managed high stakes, complex investigations within the UK, Europe, and internationally. 

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Gary has extensive experience working in partnership with agencies both in the public and private sector on confidential and sensitive enquiries with significant public interest issues and impact.

He received numerous commendations during his career including a Commissioner’s Commendation for his work as Interview Adviser on a groundbreaking and award-winning investigation of national significance.

He has worked as both a consultant and investigator investigating public sector fraud and corruption within Primary Care Trusts and presented to the Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group international conference in 2016. He has provided specialist training both in the UK and overseas to various law enforcement agencies, commercial organisations and academic institutions. These clients have included; World Bank Group (EBC), European Investment Bank investigators, AXA insurance (Compliance and Investigations Team), presenting a Masterclass to the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) Conference 2014, Law School, Queen’s University Belfast and Forensic Psychology Unit, Goldsmiths University.

Driven by a desire to improve, inform, and innovate investigative practice, Gary’s advice and training is informed by substantial practical experience and research-led academic study. Focused on applying cutting-edge forensic research into practice, Gary has an MSc in Forensic Investigative Psychology and his current academic PhD research experience is studying information elicitation in investigative interviewing. He is an effective and skilled researcher in both quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Gary is Director of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group and a member of the European Association of Psychology and Law.

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