Specialist Investigative Interviewing Training

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How we help

IMS delivers its technologically advanced investigative interviewing training using the patent-pending TILES System® interview management software. Informed by research, the training develops investigators’ clarity of thinking around the purpose, structure and strategy of interviews, leading to greater efficiency and impact across your investigation teams.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Online Training

Technologically advanced training  and assessment delivered fully online. At your own pace, from any location on any device.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Face to Face Training

Classroom based delivery comprising 2, 3, 4 or 5-day investigative interviewing and investigation training.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Hybrid Training

Hydbrid training featuring both an online (front-loaded) theory delivery followed by a 2 or 3-day face to face training program.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Assessment Services

Increase the chances of your team’s newly acquired investigative interviewing skills being retained. Targeted assessment and supportive feedback can be arranged, fully online, as part of your IMS course program.
Investigative Interviewing Training

Investigation Subject Interviewing Workshop

Increase the confidence of your staff with our tailored Investigation Subject Interviewing Workshop, delivered online through a 2-3 hour interactive web conferencing session, or via a 1-day face to face workshop.

What we do

Interview Management Solutions enhances the investigative interviewing skills of investigators, through technologically advanced training.

Innovative training delivery

Our training is delivered through a combination of hybrid online and/or face-to-face training designed to reduce costs and increase training impact.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Finance Sector

Scalable investigative interviewing training tailored to the financial industry focused on employee misconduct and internal/external fraud and corruption contexts.

Investigative Interviewing Training


Specialist Investigative interviewing training using bespoke ‘for cause’ audit scenarios. Train interviewers to use clinical data to expose deception, expose clinical research fraud, and reduce industry risks associated with integrity breaches.

Investigative Interviewing Training

Law Enforcement

Scalable online training designed with modern andragogy to enhance learning outcomes whilst reducing traditional training times and associated costs.

Post-training skills assessment and feedback

Fully tailored online post-training skills assessment and feedback to reinforce learning outcomes and develop interviewer confidence


Fully online booking of interviews with a choice of industry specific scenarios

Reinforce learning outcomes

1 to 1 Assessment and feedback

Remedy opportunities to improve

Qualitative feedback


Increase staff confidence


Quality assurance of the investigative interviewing performance of your staff.

Our numbers speak for themselves

Investigative Interviewing Training Stats


Investigative Interviewing Training Stats

Online Hours

Investigative Interviewing Training Stats

Student Classroom Days

We're on a mission to advance investigative interviewing training and practice

Founded in 2013, Interview Management Solutions was formed through a recognition that technology could be leveraged to create ground-breaking investigative interviewing training to replace outdated course delivery practices to enhance training outcomes and reduce client costs.

Trusted by clients around the world

IMS is proud to have provided training and eLearning content services to the following forward-thinking agencies.

World Class Training Programs

IMS Investigative Interviewing Training Programs are designed to provide delegates with:

A developed understanding of investigative interviewing within a fact-finding inquiry in your investigative context. Develop skills to seek, identify and secure investigative information, evidence, and intelligence at interviews with complainants, witnesses and investigation subjects.

An understanding of the psychology and other foundational theory which applies to investigative interviews, including the concept of ‘procedural justice’ and its significance as an ingredient of rapport.
An opportunity to engage in industry themed role-play interview exercises* tailored to build confidence and develop investigative interviewing skills in a safe and supportive learning environment.

*Classroom and online assessment-based activities only

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