IMS are delighted to announce that use of their TILES System® interviewing software is now to be extended beyond the world’s largest provider of university education in law enforcement, counter-terrorism, emergency management and border security.

Currently used by Charles Sturt University at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the TILES System® software is now also available for wider use by law enforcement and investigation training providers; delivering investigative interviewing training online and via other digital channels.

With face to face course costs spiralling for client agencies and training providers alike, public and private sector agencies are now adopting a ‘digital first’ approach to training. The TILES System® software aligns entirely with agency’s E-learning preferences which continue to expand due to the increasing economic constraints impacting traditional training delivery models. IMS Director Daren Jay explained, “We’re delighted to be able to extend free use of our software outside of the tertiary education sector for the benefit of law enforcement agencies and investigations training companies, particularly at a time when more and more organisations are seeking to cut costs by taking training online.”

The technology has proven particularly beneficial for ‘visual’ learners who are now able to see interrogation or interview strategies unfolding in real-time and better understand the mechanics of conversation management in the forensic setting. If you’re part of a forward-thinking training team and would like to find out more about how your agency can make use of the TILES System® software as an E-learning resource at zero cost, don’t hesitate to Contact Us now.