It was great to see some of the IMS investigative interviewing delegates back together again in Kyiv, Ukraine, this week. Drawn from several law enforcement agencies across Ukraine, delegates assembled to take part in a two-day workshop hosted by IMS Chief Operating Officer Gary Pankhurst and Lead Researcher Laura Moran.

The delegates were invited to share their early perceptions of applying contemporary investigative interviewing theory within their operational environment. A subsequent ‘SWOT’ analysis of ‘Strengths’, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Threats’ proved useful in highlighting key considerations for the investigative interviewing journey ahead.

The event served as an excellent opportunity for anti-corruption officers to come together and share experiences on the journey for change so far. Reflecting on their previous PEACE training delivered in 2019, delegates were invited to consider the importance of evaluation and reflective practice in the forensic interview context.

Gary Pankhurst explained, “attendees were able to examine the significance of evaluation and what we refer to as ‘operational learning’, each key in perpetuating a culture of professional practice and development”.

The IMS team is already looking forward to returning to Ukraine to deliver further foundational PEACE training courses in 2020.